Day 3(15th October): Journey To Devops Pro — Vagrant Installation and Setup

What is Vagrant?

Now let us understand this using a diagram

vagrant architecture diagram

Managing various VM and configuring it is quite tedious. So using vagrant we can able to manage, configure and run multiple VM using a file known as “Vagrant File”.

A Vagrant file can keep the configuration of the VM such as OS, RAM, storage, and so on. when we run vagrant up command in a terminal, vagrant reads through the vagrant file and starts executing and creating VM according to the configuration.

How to Install and Setup CentOS using Vagrant?

Pre-requisite: Download Virtual Box

Step 1: We need to Download Vagrant

Once downloaded, Open the setup wizard and start the installation process

Once installed is done we need to proceed to set up centos. So to install and run centos Box, we need to go

and run following to command

vagrant init centos/7
vagrant up

And we are done with the installation process. We are done with Day 3 of the DevOps Pro Journey. Stay Tuned for the next class update.

Till Then Adios Amigos



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